Reggie Stephens was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and raised by a very strong-willed, hardworking family. They were always working, hustling, growing, teaching and loving. Reggie has based his life off of what he witnessed as a child; keep your head up, work hard and be grateful for every day.

His family moved to Santa Cruz in 1989, attending Santa Cruz High School, this is when he met two of the most influential men in Santa Cruz County; Tony Hill and Pete Newell, Jr. These two men lead Reggie to become a dominant force not only in local Santa Cruz sports but also at the college and professional level.

Reggie became a three-sport all-county athlete in high school; excelling the best in football. After high school he played football and basketball for Cabrillo College; where he worked extremely hard on his game and academics; in 1997 he was rewarded a 2-year scholarship for football from Rutgers University.

After Reggie’s senior year of football at Rutgers, he was chosen to play in the East-West Shrine Game a huge accomplishment for college players; his coach Terry Shea and Hall of Fame trainer Raymond Farris got him prepared to attend the New York Giants mini-camp. He was signed with Giants and played with them from 1999 to 2004; in 2000 making the playoffs and Super Bowl. From 2005 to 2006 he played for the AFL Nashville Kats.

2010 Reggie moved back to Santa Cruz where he started training and coaching high school and college athletes. This is when he decided to follow in the footsteps of Tony Hill and become a mentor to the young ladies and men in his area.

Reggie’s non-profit main focus is to help the youth in Santa Cruz county seek, believe and achieve their goals in sports, art, and music. He’s asked help from his mentors, teachers, and coaches in the area to better these students mindset in school, training, and life.

In sports, Reggie will continue his coaching and speed training for young student-athletes. The art division will be lead by Jason Williams (Art by Willz) a local artist to share his techniques and experience of being an artist. Both Reggie and Jason have deep backgrounds in the music industry, they both will be able to help educate and further kids dreams in the music business.

It is the hope of Reggie Stephens, the coaches, teachers and his dedicated friends involved with this non-profit to help the youth in Santa Cruz and the Central Coast realize that a strong work ethic, hard work, good grades, good sportsmanship and a positive attitude can get you far in life.