Supporting Our Youth

The Santa Cruz County youth has unlimited potential. We don’t want to take that for granted, we want to ensure our youth has a shot at making their dreams reality.

Get Involved

Here at the Reggie Stephens Foundation, we are always looking for our communities support and assistance. Whether it be a donation or your volunteering, we could always use your support in making this organization better and more effective.

Our Goal

Through our various programs in sports, art/crafts, and entertainment we hope to teach kids how hard work, team effort, and dedication can make them better and successful individuals.

Art By Willz


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Santa Cruz VIBES


It is the hope of Reggie Stephens, the coaches, teachers and his dedicated friends involved with the Reggie Stephens Foundation to help the youth in Santa Cruz and the Central Coast realize that a strong work ethic, hard work, good grades, good sportsmanship and a positive attitude can get you far in life.